Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Act of Staring

STARING - Wikipedia defines it as 'A prolonged gaze or fixed look.' But how prolonged is prolonged? Who decides? Obviously the person who is staring, the person who is stared upon has no control on it other than ignoring him/her or going up to that person and creating a scene (which can't be done with every 3rd person). The problem is the people who stare neither know the meaning of Prolonged nor Staring.

I think there can be 5 reasons to it,
1) It's their favorite pastime
2) Staring is the only thing worth looking forward to in a day
3) Every person they see walking past them is an alien coming from a different planet
4) I who is stared upon is the most weird looking person around (which I don't think I am)
5) I am a look alike of Aishwarya Rai (Indian film actress) which again I am not!
Unfortunately there are no rules or fines attached to the Act of Staring. The way free advice is an uninvited guest same is the case with Staring.

Everybody faces this and we take the safe way out of Ignoring, but sometimes it gets so annoying that it makes me wonder if there's any solution to it! I remember an incident where I and my friend were at a railway station to book tickets and as usual some random guy was staring us. My friend got annoyed and started staring back at him, after a minute or two the guy got uncomfortable and left. I can never do that, wish I could but I don't think it would work with everybody, you never know they might take the staring back as a sign of approval considering there are all kinds of people in this world!

I will still follow the rule of Ignoring till one day I really end up going to the person and asking 'Hello, what's wrong? never seen a Women before?'

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Editor picked Me!

Yesterday was a day of Surprises! It was a friends birthday so we planned a surprise to surprise her by getting a cake and hiding ourseleves in her balcony before she comes home! 
I got a gift, which was on the list from a long time but surprisingly Raghu got it for me yesterday :) and last but not the least, I know thats the most lame way of saying something that made me so happy but who said I am a good writer, I never claimed it! :P So coming back to the point...

I got featured on as the Editor's Pick of The Day! and obviously I am overwhelmed!!

Thank you Bloggers, Editor of Bloggers and all of them who have been commenting, voting and reviewing my blog there! :)