Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photo Challenge Part 3

With this post the Photography challenge comes to an end. (I hope I did justice to it!!) It at least pushed me to take out some time to click these pictures. I did feel pressured sometimes but I am happy I did manage to complete it as well as share it here. Thanks to each one of you who visit, like and even take the effort to write those generous comments. Believe me, it does turn my regular day into a special one :)
Click here to check Part 1 and Part 2. 

But now there's something else that is already bothering me, what's next on my blog? I don't know yet but one thing is for sure, that I am not going to disappear again! :)
 Day 20: Work/Play
These are the softwares I play in with designs and layouts everyday to not only make them look good but sell at the as well. It's work and play both for me! Can't think of anything else for Play....

Day 21: What you wore
Early morning capture just before leaving for work

Day 22: Grateful
that I have enough food to eat everyday

Day 23: Black

A Mynah who was not scared to fly away from me!

Day 24: A sound you heard

The unexpected rains which we anxiously wait for in this part of the world!

Day 25: Sky

Did you spot the tiny helicopter?

Day 26: In the cupboard

My wardrobe is a mess I better not put that here! a showcase is better, thats also a form of cupboard.... 

Day 27: Tree

Day 28: Vehicle

The water bus that runs on water as well as land. I haven't been on it yet though!

Day 29: Big

We drove all the way to Muscat (Oman) for the long weekend and its just beautiful surrounded with these huge mountains

Day 30: On the wall

A board I spotted on the wall at the resort in Muscat. Just loved the tagline, Imagine how happy would kids be!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Photo Challenge Part 2

In continuation to the last post

Day 8: Something you do everyday

Day 9: Small
Just a pair of tiny clothes hanging in the balcony looked cute and grabbed my attention

Day 10: Can't (won't) live without

Day 11: Night
Our balcony all lit up for Diwali

Day 12: Drink
Traditionally boiled and made Tea with ginger/cardamom

Day 13: Where you slept

Day 14: Man-made
Gandhiji's spinning wheel I got from the Gandhi ashram in Ahmedabad (India)

Day 15: In your bag
is a mess of everything I need

Day 16: The view from your window

Day 17: The last thing you bought

Day 18: Happened this weekend
Watched Jab tak hai jaan (Bollywood movie), and the movie was so long and boring that felt like I just did that the entire weekend!!

Day 19: Something awesome

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo Challenge Part 1

I am sure I have got wiped off the memories of the treasured few who follow my blog :(
Squeaky Corner - My corner to squeak, scream and share but 'silently' went completely silent for 5 months!! yes 5 months that's like half a year and around 155 days. (The number 5 makes me feel more worse, damn!!) OK. I am guilty as charged. Don't ask me the reason of disappearance, its the same obvious reason!
Lets talk about the big comeback.... ;-)

Well its called the 'Photo A DAY Challenge'. But firstly I am too late to take part in it and secondly I can't manage clicking and uploading a photo daily on a working day. To top it I have challenged myself to click the picture only from my SLR camera!! Basically just to get my hands off the phone and the addictive Instagram. Maybe another photo challenge just for phone/instagram pictures ;)

So the November photo challenge list is here on Fat mum slim. Well more than half month is already gone so instead of putting one picture each day I will start with putting first weeks photo now and the later next week...

Day 1: Something beginning with 'C'


Day 2: Colour

  Day 3: Breakfast

This is the expression I had when i read breakfast, because I did not have one! :-/

 Day 4: TV

A TV is nothing without a remote, just thought of giving him his fair share of credit ;)

Day 5: 5 o'clock

It starts getting dark at around 5:30 these days and clouds in Dubai is a rarity,
so capture it when you can!

 Day 6: A favorite thing

 Simply addicted to this, Samsung galaxy S3!

Day 7: Reflection

The light from the bedroom

Friday, June 22, 2012

Postcard moments!

 A 9 day holiday packed with delayed/missing flights, lost luggage (yes! I tell you, we had enough for 9 days), wedding, birthday, dancing barefoot, getting drunk, getting lost, knocking on wrong door, dragged into situations where you know you will get fooled and still afford to get cheated, taking the wrong train, tongue twister names, cathedrals, church bells, random yet perfectly aligned trees, Tulips just out of the desktop wallpaper, walking in rain, cycling, boat rides, long coats, Street art, Graffiti, critiquing Indian food in a European country, every other person licking an ice-cream in 10 degrees of temperature! and lots more. I can go on and on, but I will let the pictures do the talking now! Everything, everywhere around was a postcard moment!

Hamburg is like watching an Enid Blyton story live in motion! Berlin, a true example of triumph over an agitated historic past. Lively, full of art and dynamic, difficult to have enough of both in just 9 days. These are just some selected Hamburg pictures :)

It's weekend, lets go on our own boat ride! Wow, what fun....

I wonder, who punished you??

I can picture myself sitting there sipping my morning cup of tea among the tulips....

Can't stop clickting trees, can have an entire album of them! Beautiful.....

I don't know what kind of trees were these but who cares, they are pretty!

By somebody like me, who loved Tea :)
A pretty little harbor city

I just could not get over with clicking trees...

A rainbow in a waterfall, unusual!