Monday, April 23, 2012

World Wide Famous

Well I know I am blogging like after a month and I am really guilty about it, but I am too delighted and excited about sharing something else right now that being guilty can wait for sometime!

Well the story goes like this, I got a mail from Dinah - Editor of 72M magazine few months back saying that she came across my blog and would like my interview to be published in their magazine's 'World Wise Women' section. For a minute I thought somebody is playing a prank, Me and World Wise Women!! Still makes me giggle.
Reading the title itself and thinking I am going to be feature in it suddenly made me wise enough to grab the opportunity, anyways a fool would question it! Thanks once again 72M and its your anniversary issue, makes me feel even more special :)
Click on the image below to read the interview. Turn to Page no 40 if it doesn't open the particular page.