Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chocolate Cake :)

Baked a basic chocolate cake!! This is my 2nd attempt, last time it turned out like a rubber. But this time I am pretty happy with the result.... used small square glass pans, did not have the right baking pan. And I actually like the shape & size of them, who said cakes can't be square... ;) Does this look yummy enough?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Delightfully Delicious December!

This picture was taken from Hatta Fort Hotel.
December is here, I am a day early but it already feels like December, so why not!! The month which everybody especially in Dubai looks forward too. A token of appreciation we get at the end, for bearing the heat throughout the year.

The time when the air conditioners can take a break & breathe a sigh of relief.

For a change we don't mind walking instead of taking a cab for the shortest distance.

The time when everybody drags themselves to the office just to finish off the week and enjoy the weekend.

Long drives are fun and not tiring. Above picture was clicked on our way to Hatta (UAE).

The perfect time for a stroll along the beach. A week back we had this strong urge to have vada pav, that too at midnight! So we drove to Karama (I call it the food capital of Dubai, especially Indian) picked up vada pav (12 o clock in the night) and headed towards Jumeirah Beach for a walk. And this is when I actually don't miss being in India.

The best month to be here & at the same time to go on a holiday too. Luckily the UAE National day also comes in December along with Christmas & New Year.

How can I forget DIFF (Dubai International Film Festival), which showcases and  honours some of the best international films for a week every December. Looking forward to it.

There are many more good things about Decembers in Dubai. These are only a few which i could think of at this moment.

Monday, November 21, 2011

"A soul never thinks without a picture"

Aristotle rightly said it. Found the quote in the flight magazine on my way to India. Pictures & images always on my mind and what a perfect thought to begin the trip with! Some captures I managed in the midst of eating, shopping, celebrating and lazing around in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.
Back home (Dubai), back to my blog and back to squeaking! :)



Rangoli being made for Diwali. Infact in Bangalore what i noticed was that making Rangoli was not just part of a festival or occasion, a small simple one is made everyday and you will find it outside every house in Bangalore. It is thought to bring good luck.
Tulsi,(holy basil) is a sacred plant common to every Hindu house in India which is worshiped everyday.
The making of Gajra by my mother in law :)



Loved the Bangalore weather, a welcome break from the Dubai heat!!
clicked on the airport while leaving the city :)

Milk kept for the cat and look whose relishing it!
Having chai in glass at the roadside ketli :)