Saturday, February 25, 2012

Best things come unexpectedly

Somebody rightly said it “The Best things in life are unexpected, because there are no expectations."
I know, even the worst things in life come unexpected, but better to talk about the best than the worst.

I had this 'Eureka' moment when I was cooking dinner today (pasta) :)
From 2 days I have been struggling with what's my next post going to be about. Writing, re-writing, deleting and ultimately concluding that there's no point sitting in front of my laptop and re-reading the same half written draft over and over again. The solution obviously was getting away from this damn laptop. But there's a reason why I was stressing myself out in writing something, because weekends are the days I get to update and read blogs. I can't do it on the week days, its just not possible after work.
So unexpectedly while cooking I got an idea of why not a post about Best things that come unexpectedly, like this post! Have you guys experienced when certain things just happen in that nick of time when either you have lost hope or you least expect it. Well in my case its always delayed but again, better late than never.

7 unexpected moments I can remember of right now
  • Cutting a family pack ice cream on my birthday on not finding a cake
  • Coming to Dubai
  • Meeting Raghu (my husband)
  • My sister happened to see my blog without me telling her and loved it (she is my biggest critic)
  • Winning random contests after trying several other innumerable times
  • A different kind of interview, shhhhh!! (details later)
  • And this post! 


  1. interesting... what about those best dishes that became unexpectedly successful on the first try! lol

    1. Well right, but we experience so many such unexpected things its difficult to remember all and list it down...

  2. Replies
    1. Completely agree! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. True...the key to enjoying life at its fullest is to remain unexpectant, at all times.

  4. Exactly! Things happen so much on the whim and life swerves momentarily into the arms of happy happiness! We all have experienced so many unexpected happy things that it's difficult to list them out. What I loved about this post was it's frankness and jolly appeal which left me smiling. :D

    I felt like sharing this small little story I had written some time back which I think resonates with this capricious life journey of ours. Read it Prachee if you have time: A Stain Is A Relation Which Always Comes Back.

    1. Very true, difficult to list them out! but thanks for having a read and appreciating it :) I did read your post and have commented on it.

  5. Hi Prachee
    I wholeheartedly believe that both best and worst things come unexpectedly. Last year my first trip abroad during the month of Feb was unexpected I joined at the eleventh hour!
    Before last year same month I had won a pass to a Time of India event at Bandra Fort where Amitabh Bachchan did a recitation of his father's work. I couldn't reach the Time of India on time (due to a presentation at the office) and was crestfallen. I felt so disgusted as I had lied to my senior so that I could attend this function. But while returning I don't know why I stopped at Bandra, went to the venue and just waited. You won't believe but one man had some extra passes and gladly gave one to me!!!
    It was a magical evening, one that I will remember forever :)
    And the worst thing my TV conked this afternoon off and my life is no longer "jhinga lala" !!!

    1. Wow! I can totally imagine how you would have felt, because I know how big a fan you are. 'when you really want something the world conspires you to achieve it' this fits aptly....

  6. +following, i like it here.