Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photo Challenge Part 3

With this post the Photography challenge comes to an end. (I hope I did justice to it!!) It at least pushed me to take out some time to click these pictures. I did feel pressured sometimes but I am happy I did manage to complete it as well as share it here. Thanks to each one of you who visit, like and even take the effort to write those generous comments. Believe me, it does turn my regular day into a special one :)
Click here to check Part 1 and Part 2. 

But now there's something else that is already bothering me, what's next on my blog? I don't know yet but one thing is for sure, that I am not going to disappear again! :)
 Day 20: Work/Play
These are the softwares I play in with designs and layouts everyday to not only make them look good but sell at the as well. It's work and play both for me! Can't think of anything else for Play....

Day 21: What you wore
Early morning capture just before leaving for work

Day 22: Grateful
that I have enough food to eat everyday

Day 23: Black

A Mynah who was not scared to fly away from me!

Day 24: A sound you heard

The unexpected rains which we anxiously wait for in this part of the world!

Day 25: Sky

Did you spot the tiny helicopter?

Day 26: In the cupboard

My wardrobe is a mess I better not put that here! a showcase is better, thats also a form of cupboard.... 

Day 27: Tree

Day 28: Vehicle

The water bus that runs on water as well as land. I haven't been on it yet though!

Day 29: Big

We drove all the way to Muscat (Oman) for the long weekend and its just beautiful surrounded with these huge mountains

Day 30: On the wall

A board I spotted on the wall at the resort in Muscat. Just loved the tagline, Imagine how happy would kids be!