Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo Challenge Part 1

I am sure I have got wiped off the memories of the treasured few who follow my blog :(
Squeaky Corner - My corner to squeak, scream and share but 'silently' went completely silent for 5 months!! yes 5 months that's like half a year and around 155 days. (The number 5 makes me feel more worse, damn!!) OK. I am guilty as charged. Don't ask me the reason of disappearance, its the same obvious reason!
Lets talk about the big comeback.... ;-)

Well its called the 'Photo A DAY Challenge'. But firstly I am too late to take part in it and secondly I can't manage clicking and uploading a photo daily on a working day. To top it I have challenged myself to click the picture only from my SLR camera!! Basically just to get my hands off the phone and the addictive Instagram. Maybe another photo challenge just for phone/instagram pictures ;)

So the November photo challenge list is here on Fat mum slim. Well more than half month is already gone so instead of putting one picture each day I will start with putting first weeks photo now and the later next week...

Day 1: Something beginning with 'C'


Day 2: Colour

  Day 3: Breakfast

This is the expression I had when i read breakfast, because I did not have one! :-/

 Day 4: TV

A TV is nothing without a remote, just thought of giving him his fair share of credit ;)

Day 5: 5 o'clock

It starts getting dark at around 5:30 these days and clouds in Dubai is a rarity,
so capture it when you can!

 Day 6: A favorite thing

 Simply addicted to this, Samsung galaxy S3!

Day 7: Reflection

The light from the bedroom


  1. Welcome back Prachee!
    Beautiful clicks! My favourite is the first one. :D

  2. Hi Prachee,
    Wonderful to have you squeaking & clicking again! And no, u were certainly not wiped off from my memory, I used to check about the new posts at times :-) The photo challenge list is an interesting concept, hope to see you complete the homework!

  3. Prachee .. Wow .. you are now inspiring me to take up a yet another 30-day blogging challenge .. :D

    Love it !!

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