Monday, November 21, 2011

"A soul never thinks without a picture"

Aristotle rightly said it. Found the quote in the flight magazine on my way to India. Pictures & images always on my mind and what a perfect thought to begin the trip with! Some captures I managed in the midst of eating, shopping, celebrating and lazing around in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.
Back home (Dubai), back to my blog and back to squeaking! :)



Rangoli being made for Diwali. Infact in Bangalore what i noticed was that making Rangoli was not just part of a festival or occasion, a small simple one is made everyday and you will find it outside every house in Bangalore. It is thought to bring good luck.
Tulsi,(holy basil) is a sacred plant common to every Hindu house in India which is worshiped everyday.
The making of Gajra by my mother in law :)



Loved the Bangalore weather, a welcome break from the Dubai heat!!
clicked on the airport while leaving the city :)

Milk kept for the cat and look whose relishing it!
Having chai in glass at the roadside ketli :)


  1. prach!! gud 1 all the pics are gr8 but the lizzard 1 just freaked me out!!
    back to blogging with a bang:))

  2. Prachee lovely pics .. specially the one with the squirrel on the tree :D ..

  3. Though I love all the pics, the puja ones are truly awesome. Gives a sense of divinity & the squirrel reminds me of you. I read this post long back but cudn't post my comments. It was nice to read and go thru the pics once again:-)

  4. You are utilizing the full potential of this piece of equipment :)

  5. @ Sangeeta - Thanks u liked them :)
    @ Anu - Thanks, u always make me feel special,yup the squirrel was outside my house!
    @ Rajat bhaiya - I love photography and try to take out my camera wherever i can