Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chocolate Cake :)

Baked a basic chocolate cake!! This is my 2nd attempt, last time it turned out like a rubber. But this time I am pretty happy with the result.... used small square glass pans, did not have the right baking pan. And I actually like the shape & size of them, who said cakes can't be square... ;) Does this look yummy enough?


  1. Ahh i read your FB status and came here hoping to see some delicious pictures!! a scoop of vanila on the cake and a cherry on the scoop would look all the more mouth watering!! the shape is Yumm very unusual but stylish:))

  2. Thank you!! Yes i agree, but i was so satisfied and excited with the result that clicked the pics instantly...:)

  3. That looks good but baking is not one of my talents unfortunately, i should try more often :)