Thursday, December 29, 2011

R.I.P. 2011.

Its fresh, its brand-new, waiting to pop out of the box! How would it be? Bitter, sweet, sour, or a mix of all? Yes, 2012 is just round the corner. So what do you think is going to be New in the New Year?
The speed with which the world is moving its easy to see some certain changes if not this year atleast in the coming few years. Below are some on top of my mind.

- " i is all that matters and not We."  iphone, ipad, ipod itouch and many more soon to be launched
- Kids wonder What does natural color of hair mean? Once a hairstylist surprisingly asked me " You have never colored your hair!?? " his question made me feel 50 years old!
- The new mantra " If you have it, flaunt it." And how do you do that? "Upload it. share it. tag it. like it" and this applies to every damn thing, from your doormat to your Sports Car!
- 3D is outdated, 5D technology it is. You never know! anything can happen
- If you like a girl whats so special about it? Go that extra mile. Liking is what you do everyday on Facebook!
- Indians have become NRI's and Europeans/Westerners have shifted to India
- World is surely not going to end in 2012. Which means one more reason to welcome 2013 " We are still alive & kicking "

So lets bring in the New! Its New Job for me which leads to many more new stuff. New beginning. New office. New role. New challenges. New friends and an excuse to shop for New clothes, right? ;) But this would also mean New stories & New experiences to share! Lets see how busy I get.
Wishing everybody a joyous 2012 filled with love and laughter. See you all in the brand-New year! :)


  1. 2012 will sparkle, shine and brighten up your lives more than ever before...good luck and a happy new year to both of u!

  2. All the events and happenings in the year 2012 should be natural and bear no resemblance to any scene in the movie '2012'

  3. Nice post, Prachee!
    Wish you a very happy 2012!

  4. Love all the puns in this post Prachee :) ! Great post. My first time on your blog - lovely time spent here.

  5. What a lovely post.. Hope you have a fabulous 2012.. and may all your dreams.. and hopes come true!!