Saturday, December 17, 2011

What makes a perfect weekend?

- Waking up to a pleasant unexpected call followed by a talk with both the parents
- Shopped for myself in 1/2 an hour flat (that's rare, if you know me)
- Ate till hearts contenct, so much so that we skipped the dinner
- A husband who is having laughing fits out of nowhere for silly things, which was beyond my understanding (wonder if there was something mixed in his food)
- An entertaining light movie, with an extremely chilly theatre. Felt like I was carrying a personal Air conditioner!
- Evening Masala chai (works wonders specially after a cold movie experience)
- A visit to a friend's new house. Sitting in the balcony chatting & gossiping on a cool cosy evening with a view of the glittering Burj Khalifa
- I love small little things, specially animation movie character toys. Got a Clumpsy toy (If you have seen Smurfs, you would know what that is). But how funny, this character in the movie keeps falling, dropping and breaking you guys see some similarity here! ;)
- And yes, the above list also included Grocery shopping (its not boring for me) 

- It makes the weekend all the more special when its only 1 day, got to make the most of it. 
For me, my perfect weekend! :)

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