Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's that time of the year again!

As I have already mentioned in my previous post, about going home for Diwali (the festival of lights as its aptly called) and 2 homes this time making it double fun. Its a month long stay in India!! so it got to be fun and nothing else, apart from me putting on few more kilos of weight. ;) I am not sure whether I would gather anytime to blog in the middle of all the enjoyment & fun with family, friends and food not to forget. But I wish to bring back lots of memories and experiences with pics to share. Till then wishing you all a super Diwali filled with love, happiness, lots of family time and obviously prosperity - thats what the festival is all about, remember Goddess Lakshmi! :)

 These are some pictures from last years diwali at my home in Dubai.



  1. Hi Prachee
    The pics are truly fantastic. Your post reminds me to get set for my trip as well!
    Take care
    Happy & a safe journey and in advance wish you, Raghu & your entire family a very happy, safe & prosperous Diwali:)
    Enjoy !

  2. hey prach great pics! congratulations to you for being so consistent and blogging all the great stuff!!
    enjoy you trip and stay in India!!enjoy being with parents and yes don't forget meeting up with friends!! have a very happy Diwali!! full of lights!!

  3. Thanks both of you and the wish the same for u guys :)

  4. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!