Sunday, October 2, 2011

5 things I learnt this weekend

1) Catching up with friends on a cup of tea is better than going for a movie with friends

2) Listened to some famous English songs & Opera singers whom I had never heard off (I am more of a bollywood person)

3) Here comes the big one! The act of forgiving. When you forgive someone you are not doing a favor to them, but you are doing a favor to yourself by letting it go and not constantly thinking about it. (Thats deep and not easy!)

4) Its never too late to cook a healthy dinner for husband who comes home after a long tiring day of work, that too on a weekend! :)

5) AND whenever free, watch TED videos. Always inspiring. I just did.


  1. Absolutely agree with 1 and 3. Forgiving gives one of the most liberating feeling and catching over a cup of tea... Aah ! nothing can beat that ever.

    Making dinner for your husband. Now that's special ! He would be thanking his stars for having someone like you in his life... every time you do it ! :)

    God bless.

    Keep writing. Keep rocking !


  2. Catching up with friends over beer is even better...ask Raghu :)