Saturday, October 1, 2011

After effects of blogging

Its not even a month since I started blogging to be a part of this online community called Blogosphere! And I am already experiencing its after effects! Some good some bad.....

- Many like minded people around in this sphere
- Lots to read, learn and get inspired
- Fellow bloggers & friends generous enough to appreciate & encourage the effort
- A mind free from useless thoughts
- The urge to do or write something new every time
- I Talk less and squeak (blog) more! :)

- Lost & preoccupied mind with what to blog next
- Forgetful about other daily chores
- More reasons for an already internet freak person to sit in front of the laptop

This would be a challenge for me (Probably, then I will have more to share! :)
- Get away from the laptop (Set specific hours for a day) this is difficult! :-/
- Read often, and I mean books and not online
- Click more pictures
- Finish the daily chores and not postpone them
- Make lists & tick it off
- Practice drawing (oops!, remember my classes)

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