Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy listing!

Do you guys love making lists? I don't know whats with it but I feel happy when I discover I have so much to do and then every time I tick something off the list it gives me a sense of achievement! (I know you would think whats the big deal) But yeah, little things make me happy! Anyways I already have 4 lists happening right now, I am going home (India) for Diwali....yeaaaaa!! every year I do, but this time its different and more eventful. First diwali with my in-laws in Bangalore and then head to Ahmedabad, my home. So yes, below is a list of lists!!
1) What to buy for India
2) What to buy from India before coming back
3) Packing list
4) The everyday Grocery list
and the way I am being forgetful these days I can have one more
5) Everyday chores! ;)

And you call it coincidence or telepathy, while I was going to post this I found a similar post on my dashboard by Kate on Design Sponge blog. Atleast, there's somebody who shares the same sentiments towards listing. And, aren't these simply cute and handy, if I get these there would be endless lists! These letterpress notebooks from Paper Lovely  by Kim are just too tempting.

1 comment:

  1. Seriously these notebooks are very cute :)
    I too have to make list o/w its irritating that as you reach home u r reminded of something that u forgot.
    Btw I think you should add one thing in your list that you should carry an extra bag!!