Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Ten

 10 fun facts...Obviously about me, its my blog afterall

1) I am a very restless person. I can't sit straight for a minute, I keep turning, moving shifting. So far I have not achieved that perfect posture to sit! Maybe some day...

2) I love talking, and Raghu talks only when poked! If both talk who will listen, so it balances out :)

3) I was born a left hander, but used to write everything as a mirror image. Imagine ABCD as seen in mirror. My teacher said 'she writes everything correct but ulta, how am i supposed to give marks to her?' Therefore, I was taught to write correctly but with right hand. Result being I do everything with left hand apart from writing. And I have a personal liking for left handers :)

4) When I was a kid, (in those times of transistors) whenever an Amitabh song used to play on the FM, I used to peep from the speaker holes thinking he is sitting inside....hahhaa, I still find this so funny!

5) I am accident prone + I keep dropping things (which you already know) = A deadly combination.

6)  I am addicted to tea, anytime is good time for a cup of chai! and crazy for golgappe (pani puri) so if you want to get some work done...hint :)

7)  I am allergic to fake people, being around them makes me uncomfortable.

8) I find it hard to understand when friends or couples address each other as honey, darling, babe, baby, dude! I am too old fashioned I guess.

9) I am very choosy & indecisive when it comes to shopping, a perfect combination of style + color + size + price is difficult to find and please don't assume I am over sized!! I am not, its just typical me.

10) I have had many crazy & awkward nicknames till now. You don't expect me to list them out...

I can go on and on, but neither its December 2012 nor am I running away, somethings can be put off till tomorrow!


  1. Remember old hindi movies - young boy running, suddenly jumps from somewhere and morphs into a hero. I used to try that a lot.. Jumping from stairs, skipping few steps .. and landing on my heels, hoping to turn 20.

  2. lol..i am imagining you doing that!!