Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to Basics

Paper, pencil and drawing! I always felt the need to get back to the drawing board but never got the time or chance. Secondly I was never very good at drawing! and it requires regular practice. But in these times of Mac & Adobe it was left far behind!

This was the right time and I joined the drawing classes. Unbelievably the artist read my mind! the first thing she said was NEVER to think about what OTHERS are thinking about your drawing (you). For a minute I felt embarrassed I thought she was talking to me, first meeting and how does she know me so well? My biggest weakness,which has kept my mind busy 24hrs many times! I think its reduced now, but I am still overcoming it. I guess, starting my own blog and sharing my thoughts was a step somewhere in this direction too!

Anyways, yesterday was my first class, and it felt good to be in a studio with easel and canvas around! Reminded me of my graduation days! The best part was holding a pencil for 3 hours and not a mouse! I hope it becomes a regular practice and than I would love to share something here too. :)