Thursday, September 8, 2011

The first step

I love reading blogs and always wanted to have one but struggled with what should it talk about and how to be regular at it. I have still not figured it out completely. Recently a friend Sangeeta took it up as a 30 day challenge and is pretty successful at it, which motivated me to take the plunge too. Thanks to her. The first step's taken, now lets see how it goes. 
Being an internet freak + talkative + love anything related to design/art/photography/travel/food/books.(Well the list is endless!) I think this is the hobby to have! My husband says, if he leaves me on an island with just Internet and maybe a phone because (remember, i talk a lot), I would survive!
I am an art director/graphic designer by profession living here in Dubai with my husband Raghavendra(Raghu). Currently a homemaker trying my hands on blogging. I like writing, and I used to write (not much though) till 3 years back. A few snippets about my experiences with random people, few poems in hindi during the initial days of my career in Mumbai. They are still lying somewhere in my cupboard, will look for it and share. Till then, keep writing and keep sharing.... :)


  1. Congratulations on your blog! I am really looking forward to reading this space.I love your strap-line. Way to go girl! Happy blogging! - SangryWords

  2. Thanks Sangy I am already thinking what next to blog about tomm! ;)