Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For the umpteenth time!

I said to myself, NOT AGAIN! Today while cleaning my house and just when I was struggling with what to blog about, the bedside table lamp slipped and broke into pieces! This is not the first time, I am know for dropping things breaking them and even getting hurt at times. If I start listing down what,where and how many times, it would be quite embarrassing! Better not. Very disappointed. 

However, I had to come up with some reasons to come over it and not feel guily. Like, it was not getting used, how many times did I switch on that lamp? Did I actually on it and read a book to not disturb my husband sleeping beside me (like you see in the movies and serials)? The Answer is NO. I had not spent a bomb on it. So many reasons to not feel guilty :) And to top it my husband said its Ok. (Poor him, what else can he say! hes got used to this now)

The question is How do I stop dropping and breaking things? Please don't tell me 'Be careful' if I could....But alas!

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