Sunday, September 11, 2011


Maheshwaram means Lord of The Universe. Lord Ganesha. This is one of the many names given to Him. Yesterday when I finished my post, I was already thinking about what would be my next post about! Then I cam across the Ganapati Visarjan news on television, what's better than talking about my favouritest of all the Gods, Lord Ganesha! Not that I don't respect other Gods & Goddesses, and before you start thinking that I am going to start preaching something here, this post is not going to be preachy.  Neither I am the kind of person to do so, nor I am the Enlightened one!

Not a very religious person, but I like & respect Lord Ganesha as a character in all its forms. He is considered to be the Lord of Beginnings and the remover of all obstacles. And thats why Lord Ganesha is worshiped in the beginning of any religious ceremony or any new venture. ॐ गणेशाय नमः Lord Ganesha has the kind of mass following with no other Deities have. It just amazes me, how a half human half elephant body can be drawn, painted, molded, carved, in thousands of different ways without loosing the fundamental character and still look beautiful and cute (if I am permitted to say so)! Each part of his body has its own significance. I feel the way we are getting modernized and stylish in our appearances to keep pace with the changing times, Ganesha's Idols (and only Lord Ganesha) have got stylized too.

For example, I have a Ganesha idol with a laptop in His hand, my sister in law gave it to me on my last trip to Bangalore. I won't be surprised if in next few months I come across Ganesha idol with Iphone/Blackberry in His hand (maybe its already there in the market)! The best one would be Lord Ganesha wearing a facebook tee! I would be the first one to buy it :). Please note that I am not being disrespectful here, I love Lord Ganesha in each and every way else this post would not have been here. Apart from the traditional looking Ganesha idols I have two very cute ones, one is the laptop one which i mentioned above and the other is with me since years which i bought from The Bombay Store, cute little one. Have a look at the pictures.

Images © Prachee Kapoor & Squeaky Corner

Images © Prachee Kapoor & Squeaky Corner