Saturday, September 10, 2011

That lady in Nauvari

An incident that happened around 5 years back still etched in my heart and will always stay with me. I had penned it down a few years back, sharing it here today.

Mumbai....yes, a city much hyped for its 'UNDYING SPIRIT'. It was the place to be, when I started my career. I decided to work here for obvious reasons, Mumbai was and is the centre of Media & Advertising industry and secondly, I had been there before as part of a college project and just loved the city. The people, the fast pace, the crowd, the slang, the local trains…..everything. I think I liked it more then my birthplace.

This is about one such day, can't exactly remember why but I was at the Dadar station, its a huge one that stretches far and wide. I usually don't travel from Dadar and I was kinda lost, did'nt know which platform to take the Borivali train from, I had to get down at Andheri (I stayed here). But based on my past experience with this city I knew it for a fact that if I ask somebody, they would surely help and not mislead me. I trusted Mumbaikars.

Walking on one of those walking bridges which runs over the railway tracks, I stopped a fellow walker, a local lady. She was around 55 and looked like a typical Maharashtrian dressed in Nauvari (Maharashtrian sari) and the way she spoke. She seemed to be a roadside vendor or something similar. Once she explained me the way in a Mumbaiya hindi mixed with marathi and directed me through her hand gestures, I said thanks and continued walking. She started walking in front of me. I got down from the bridge to the platform, she got down too. I thought maybe has to go the same way. Before I could go ahead on the platform and search where the ladies compartment would come, the lady stopped and pointed towards one side of the platform and the particular spot where the ladies compartment stoped and said, the train would come here. I nodded and thanked but then I was so moved with what I saw. The lady started walking back the same way we came and climbing back those steps. I was left wondering, did she come all the way walking and then climbed down those stairs just to show me the way? that too considering how old she was!

I thought to myself, Do you really find such people in this world who go that extra mile to help out a stranger who is in no way related to them??  Most importantly, Would I have ever done something like that? Ummmm...I don’t think so. Such people don't exist anymore!

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