Thursday, September 22, 2011

From the Dusty Corner

I found my old book of poems which was lying in some corner of my cupboard. Mostly in Hindi. But very few, just 4 or 5, this is one of them. These poems were written during the initial days of my struggling career. Now when I read them after 5-6 years I wonder did I really write them, can I write again? I don't think so. Have a read, I hope it doesn't sound too kiddish!

तलाश, खुले आसमान की
तलाश, अपने से एक कोने की

तलाश, उस जैसा बन्ने की
तलाश, खुदसा बने रहने की

तलाश, बस कंही खो जाने की
तलाश, बस खुदी  को पाने की

तलाश, अधूरे जवाबो की
तलाश, नए सवालों की

तलाश, बेरोकटोक चलते जाने की
तलाश, पुराने दिनों में लौटने की

तलाश, बस हर सपने में खुद ही को पाने की.


  1. Yay!! Your based in Dubai..?? So nice to meet you here.. This post is lovely..

  2. Loved the poem !
    Did u write this poem during your stay in Mumbai?
    Anyways I believe you should start writing again