Friday, September 9, 2011

Colors of Joy!

Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, White...
I have them all! :)

I think I am obsessed with them these days! A normal day starts with them and ends with them. In the morning before I run to the bathroom or even brush or make tea, first task is to go and have a look at them. Everyday there's something new happening in this Colors family. The best part, they constantly change and adapt without complaining or even 'squeaking' about it. They promise 24/7 companionship, which nobody can. Obviously minor terms & conditions apply, nobody does anything for free in this world, so a tiny amount of give and take goes here, which is completely acceptable.

Well, I am talking about the beautiful flowers that bloom in my balcony everyday. We bought a few plants to start with 2,3 months ago and I am nurturing them since then, not a difficult task though. Easy to manage and in-expensive. They flower throughout the year and are commonly seen on the roadsides too. A welcome break to the eyes from the desert and the artificial towering city we stay in.

They are waiting for me, its time for me to water them. Till then have a look at the pictures I have shared here! Obviously, courtesy ME! :)

Images © Prachee Kapoor & Squeaky Corner

Aren't they beautiful!

Images © Prachee Kapoor & Squeaky Corner
Perfect place to sit with a cup of tea and see the world go by...

Images © Prachee Kapoor & Squeaky Corner



  1. Love it , the way you have described them.
    from now on i will also have a sneak look at them... :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and complimenting my artwork. :) Lovely pictures!

  3. Hi Prachi,

    Lovely shots of the flowers! You have a nice space here...welcome to blog land.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it. Hope to see you there often:)